Gears of War screenplay details leaked online

We take the hard lumps for you at Joystiq. For example, we slogged through a purported summary of the 22-page leaked script treatment of the Gears of War movie over at Latino Review, spoilers be damned. What we found seemed like a competent, if slightly heavy-handed, take on the game that seems to have been crafted by someone who's actually picked up a controller.

We're not going to talk plot, but rest assured it seems like its on the right track, with all the characters, settings, etc. you'd expect to see. If we're concerned about anything, it's dialog. Admittedly, there's not much of it here, but the direct quotes are gems like "Could have done with that, like, before the wars ended" and "Congratulations, soldier." Maybe the guy just didn't copy and paste the good dialog, we don't know. Of course, if you crave something close to the spirit of the game, uninspired dialog is a more necessary component than a chainsaw bayonet (which is in there too, don't worry).

In fact, now that we've mentioned it, this may be just a bit too close to Gears of War. If the internet were not so very reputable, we might mention that there's a slight possibility this treatment review may be the product of a devoted fan and not Mr. Stuart Beattie. Of course, there's no way of knowing at the moment. We'll simply have to pop some corn, grab a soda, and wait for the movie to be released never.

[Via Xbox 360 Fanboy]