The Suitcase Bike finally unfolds, should hit production soon

Darren Murph
D. Murph|04.30.07

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The Suitcase Bike finally unfolds, should hit production soon
We understand, it's practically impossible to either bike everywhere you need to go or have your General Motors' Flex-Fit rack ready to rock when you're far from home, but the suitcase bike can seemingly tackle both of those issues with ease. Amazingly, the oft talked about, but hardly taken seriously Suitcase Bike has apparently been green-lit for production, and could be available to suckers interested consumers "later this year." While it shouldn't be too hard to guess, we'll do the honors anyway: the presumably hefty suitcase can morph into an unsightly form of transportation with just a few clips, folds, and snaps, and while public humiliation isn't necessarily included in the price, we can't help but imagine that it'll be bundled in whether you like it or not. Still, having a pair of wheels on your person at all times could certainly come in handy, so be sure you click through and catch the unfolding video to see if it's really worth the reported $399 asking price.

[Via TreeHugger]

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