Altec Lansing starts shipping the iMV712 "mini-theater system"

Nilay Patel
N. Patel|05.03.07

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Altec Lansing starts shipping the iMV712 "mini-theater system"
We caught a glimpse of Altec Lansing's iMV712 audio / video iPod superdock during CES, but they haven't been available until today. Looking like the unholy love child of the ubiquitous iM3 and a portable DVD player, Altec's new top-of-the-line speaker dock sports an 8.5-inch "high-resolution" LCD, a universal iPod dock, a remote control, a "stage" for non-iPod MP3 players, and two 3-inch drivers backed up by a 4-inch subwoofer. While that screen seems a little superfluous -- it doesn't show cover art or anything during audio playback and we're not quite certain where you'd watch movies on it (kitchens? prison cells?) -- at $350 this bad boy's a no-brainer over, say, the iPod Hi-Fi.
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