Producer preps for FFIII in Europe, doesn't pan possible FFVII

Alisha Karabinus
A. Karabinus|05.03.07

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Producer preps for FFIII in Europe, doesn't pan possible FFVII
CVG recently sat down with Final Fantasy III producer Hiromichi Tanaka for a chat about the game's release in Europe this week. Much of the interview is given over to discussing the game's unexpected levels of success in Japan and the U.S., and hopes for Europe, though Tanaka had a few interesting things to say about both remakes and the DS. He said that in order to achieve the impressive look and effect of FFIII, they were forced to focus the handheld's power on only one screen, which certainly explains a lot. Since they were getting the chance to give the game a complete visual update, they wanted it to be as beautiful as possible.

But the part of the interview that will stick out and serve as fodder for FF-themed debate is the mention of Final Fantasy VII. CVG mentioned that FFVII is the game many fans hope and pray for on the DS, and Tanaka offered this cryptic response: "The main thing is the timing." If nothing else, it's not a no, so we'll put this one down as a possibility.

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