Next Kingdom Hearts to be portable spin-off, not KHIII

king mickey

Ever wonder what "King" Mickey was really doing in the World of Darkness -- or how he got his mitts on that keyblade? Well, Square Enix's Tetsuya Nomura has told Famitsu that the next Kingdom Hearts game will explain just that, CVG reports. Nomura isn't talking Kingdom Hearts III (as EGM speculated), but rather a spin-off entry bound for portability. "[It] would be hard to choose if to make the game for the PSP, NDS or the cell phone," teases a rough translation of Nomura's comments to Famitsu.

The designer hinted that the side-story would play "slightly different" than the rest of the Kingdom Hearts series. "I want to ... change the system a little," said Nomura, adding, "The multi-developing makes me want to put it on something else [other than consoles.]" Sounds like Nomura isn't interested in sharing any one game on multiple platforms. So when can we poll the rest of Square Enix on this issue?