Dell officially announces Santa Rosa-based D630 and D830

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Donald Melanson
May 9, 2007 5:21 PM
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Dell officially announces Santa Rosa-based D630 and D830

Not one to be left out of today's Santa Rosa madness, Dell has officially announced a couple of laptops that, like most of the Santa Rosa laptops now rolling out, have already managed to make themselves known. In case you missed it, the Latitude D830 and D630 offer two variations on the same theme, with the former boasting a 14.1-inch display and the latter a 15.4-inch one, and each packing integrated 802.11n WiFi, as well as your choice of an Intel Turbo Memory cache card or a hyrbrid hard drive to help speed things up a bit. Dell's also showing a bit of love to AMD (who must be feeling a little left out today), officially announcing its 15.4-inch D531 Latitude, available with your choice of Turion 64 or Sempron processors, but lacking the SSD and hybrid storage options of the Intel-based Latitudes. From the looks of it, all three are available now, with the D630 and D830 starting at $1,189 and $1,249, respectively, and the D531 coming in at $839 for the base configuration.
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