New Video Marketplace content for week of May 7th

David Dreger
D. Dreger|05.09.07

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New Video Marketplace content for week of May 7th
Major posted the latest Xbox Live Video Marketplace content released this week. While it may not be the beefiest update, it gets the job done. On the cinematic adventures side of things, we've got Happy Feet as the lone HD flick, coming out on Friday, as well as Robin Williams breakout role as the spinach eatin' Popeye. On the list of additional content for TV series, we've got more Pimp my Ride, as well as an X3F/TMN favorite, Wonder Showzen's second season.

Unfortunately, we can't recommend watching it if you value your eternal soul. If you're comfortable with eternal damnation, however, feel free to put down some Microsoft Points for the series, and you'll get some somewhat cheap laughs. Full list of content after the break, for shoogie.


Happy Feet HD (available 5/11)
The Reckoning
The Virgin Suicides
You Can Count on Me
Sleeping Dogs Lie

TV Shows
Pimp my Ride
Real World: Austin
Wonder Showzen Season 2

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