Ron Gilbert (ie: our hero) working on Penny Arcade Adventures

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Ron Gilbert (ie: our hero) working on Penny Arcade Adventures
We try to avoid overtly sycophantic groveling here at Joystiq -- it's unbecoming and we drool enough already -- but when we discovered that legendary adventure game designer Ron Gilbert (Monkey freakin' Island, folks) was working on the inaugurual Penny Arcade Adventures installment, On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, we sorta couldn't help it. That headline was propelled out of our nervously clacking fingers.

Like at the end of a hackneyed thriller, we began to piece it all together. Of course! It all makes sense now! When we called Gilbert's next project "Diablo Lite with a funny adventure-game story and goofy adventure-game puzzles" we never even realized we could have just as easily been describing Penny Arcade Adventures, which PA's Robert Khoo described as "an RPG in short" with elements of adventure games befitting its "comic adventure" moniker. We're still no closer to learning when this super-band is going on tour, but we'd wager PAX '07 is as good a place as any (better actually) to start talking specifics.


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