FYI Xbox 360 TID named 'Chatpad' kthxbai

Ludwig Kietzmann
L. Kietzmann|05.10.07

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FYI Xbox 360 TID named 'Chatpad' kthxbai

Hi followin da 360's spring upd8t and da console's new instant msging trix the use of a qwerty keyboard is all the mor necesary neccesssary rad! previously given a placeholder name of TID (4 txt input device), the upcoming txting peripheral is referred to as da "Chatpad" in da update's help doc. 2 find da txt, go 2 the marketplace bl8, select da "learn more" ad block, then select "More Details" and "Windows Live Messenger." cool hai?

now wat about us dvorak users :p

[Thanx, BAK6E]
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