Sprint selling Samsung m510, Palm Treo 755p

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|05.14.07

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Sprint selling Samsung m510, Palm Treo 755p

In the market for a fancy flip? A mild update to an ancient smartphone, perhaps? Either way, Sprint's got you covered -- both the Samsung m510 and the Palm Treo 755p have gone live on the carrier's website. Despite the fact that the 755p's available in two snazzy colors, the m510 wins the fashion competition hands down in your choice of black or pink. As we mentioned earlier, get it for $129.99 on contract or rebates; the 755p will run ya another $150 at $279.99.

[Thanks, Jon and Travis]

Read - Samsung m510 (black)
Read - Samsung m510 (pink)
Read - Palm Treo 755p (burgundy)
Read - Palm Treo 755p (blue)
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