Gamecock teams with Croteam, shows off Serious Engine 3

Ross Miller
R. Miller|05.15.07

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Gamecock teams with Croteam, shows off Serious Engine 3
Independent publisher Gamecock has announced that they will be publishing Serious Sam developer Croteam's as-of-yet untitled "military tactical-action shooter" for PC and "specific next-gen consoles" in 2009, according to the press release.

Croteam also released three pictures showcasing Serious Engine 3. The screenshots look impressive, but we'll reserve judgment until we see the engine in motion. The Serious Engine's greatest aspects have always been its draw distance and ability to smoothly throw a plethora of bad guys in your path.

Croteam has previously worked with the Gamecock crew before, when the former Gathering of Developers executives published the first Serious Sam in North America. There is no word on who will publish Serious Sam 3 in North America; the second game was released by G.O.D. remnant and Take-Two subsidiary 2K Games.

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