Crystal Bearers details coming into focus

Square Enix have been tantalising us with a slow drip of info regarding Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers for a little while now. We've managed to decipher some of the recent interview with Akitoshi Kawazu, the game's executive producer and Toshiyuki Itahana, the director.

The game starts with the hero arriving to sort out an aircraft accident. But was it an accident? That's where you come in. You'll need to find out what happened, and who was responsible. Rather than featuring a character who progresses and develops through the course of the game, Crystal Bearers' protagonist will start the game as a powerful hero. Instead of focussing on developing your powers, the focus will be on how you solve individual problems. The idea is to enjoy the hero's triumphs through the story, rather than building up to one climatic victory.

You'll have a range of abilities and weapons from the very start. Few specific details on abilities are given, but they do mention that the glow emanating from the hero's hand, whatever it is, will be available to players from the word go. There is also speculation on the internet that summoning will play a role, as a Bahamut-like dragon is visible in the teaser video.

The emphasis seems very much on accessibility and fun. The controls will be simple, possibly adapting from scene to scene. You'll be able to move fluidly, and naturally, both the nunchuck and Wiimote will be involved in proceedings. There might be less of an emphasis on cut scenes, apparently it's no fun watching the plot unfold when you aren't taking part. They want you to play by controlling things.

We're also promised big enemies as well as big bosses, who will be able to match the fluidity of your own movements. They hoped Square Enix party attendees would be able to play the game, but couldn't get this sorted out. Apparently the footage shown at the party was in-game. Hopefully that means the release date isn't that far away.

That's all we've got to go on for now, but watch this space; there'll surely be more from Square Enix over the coming weeks.