Dell selling Ubuntu Linux systems on Thursday?

It looks like Thursday will be the coming out party for Dell's new-foundlove interest with Linux. Linux advocate Jeremy Garcia says we're now just hours away from the ability to order an Ubuntu pre-load on a new Dell E520 Dimension desktop, Inspiron 1505 consumer laptop, or XPS 410 media rig -- just like Michael Dell. While Dell has not yet confirmed the date or the eligible models, they did say on Monday that customers can expect their pre-load to include all the default software (including kernel and apps) from Ubuntu's 7.04 "Feisty Fawn" media. Dell also noted that they'll only be offering peripherals which have mature, open-source (or closed-source if necessary) driver support which Dell is testing in-house. Better yet, Dell says that they'll be working with other vendors to create stable drivers for currently unsupported hardware; that's good news for Linux users everywhere. While Dell's move won't likely cause any grief to Microsoft's bloated bottom line, it certainly gives Linux some cred with mainstream consumers who don't know the difference between Beryl and that thing you shoot fish in.

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