Michael Dell using Ubuntu on his personal machine

Who says the people aren't in power? Not long at all after customers voiced their demands to have Linux pre-loaded across a wider spectrum of Dell machines, the company caved, and as we sit and ponder just what flavor of Linux will soon be available, we can't help but guess Ubuntu. According to Michael Dell's lineup of personal rigs, his prized Precision M90 is currently humming along with a copy of Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn at the helm, garnering speculation that it's at least in the hunt for being a Linux variety available on its forthcoming machines. Moreover, it appears that Michael doesn't shy away from open-source software at all, as VMWare Workstation 6 Beta, 2.2, Automatix2, Firefox, and Evolution Groupware 2.10 are also seeing a good bit of personal use. Still, the whole thing could be a complete ploy to make loyal users believe that the CEO really is just one of us -- after all, this same company did just reinstate Windows XP as an OS option.

[Via Laptoping]