Kingston planning to reveal DDR3 HyperX RAM at Computex

Last last year, Kingston unveiled its then-blazing fast HyperX DDR2 RAM modules, and just as you're finally paying those couple of 2GB kits off, the same company is apparently planning to up the ante. Reportedly, Kingston is looking to reveal its 512MB / 1GB DDR3 1500MHz HyperX and DDR2 800MHz low latency memory modules at Computex, which should play nicely with Intel's DDR3-friendly Bearlake chipset. The DIMMs are expected to be "nearly twice as fast (over 20Gbps) as today's highest speed DDR2 counterparts," and the lower voltage (1.5v compared to 1.8v) claims to provide a "more efficient memory solution for both mobile and server platforms." Of course, pricing and availability deets weren't fleshed out just yet, but the second week in June isn't too far away.

[Via Gizmag]

Update: Despite statements to the contrary, Kingston pinged to say it's not debuting any SSD drives at Computex! The nerve!