Monster's iFreePlay cordless headphones for 2G Shuffle

Monster Cable has been known to dabble in the world of iPod accessories before, and while it's easy to give the company notorious for over marketing its flashy cabling knocks on just about anything, the iFreePlay contraption doesn't look half bad. The cordless wraparound headphones don't deviate too far from similar alternatives, but rather than communicating with your DAP via Bluetooth or RF, you can snap your 2G Shuffle right into the left earpiece and run along. The collapsible headphones weigh just 1.6-ounces, and while you do sacrifice some style for utility here, we've most certainly seen worse. So for runners looking to ditch that awful iSoundCap and avoid getting tangled all the while, Monster's iFreePlay apparatus can be picked up now for $49.95. Click through for a few more angles.