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WoW as the artist's canvas

Amanda Rivera
Amanda Rivera|May 25, 2007 3:30 PM

For a while now I have been snagging screenshots to use as my desktop wallpaper. It began innocently enough with a lovely shot of my mage on her flying mount against that breathtaking Nagrand sky. Somehow this idyll hobby of mine has turned into a sort of obsession, where I now have a filing system on my hard drive for various screenshots-turned-wallpaper.

My foray into WoW photography made me think about how actual artists express themselves using the game as a canvas. We watch the machinima with rabid frenzy, are amazed at the ingenuity of those that capture moments for Around Azeroth, bask in the glorious talent of those that create fan art.

We also take role play and express it in terms of performance art. I once went to an interactive media conference where a speaker presented his robot that played his MMO 24/7 in order to create a performance piece that included a row of characters that marched in a certain pattern day in and day out. Has anyone out there experienced, witnessed, or created performance art pieces within World of Warcraft? What was it like to be part of such an experience?

If you as an artist are planning any pieces of performance art, let WoW Insider know about it so that we can showcase your event.