WRUP: hard work edition

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WRUP: hard work edition

Yeah yeah, we know. We've been running Halo 3 beta themed WRUPs for the last two weeks. We're really sorry about that, but for the moment it's just the biggest thing out there in 360 land, and is likely to remain so until it's over. If you've been playing it much, you may have noticed that there are some serious Halo players out there. So serious, in fact, that they deserve to be called playas. As MTV's Stephen Totilo put it, beating them may require an amount of practice that "closely resembles work". But hey, that's the price of fun, right?

Should you find yourself taking a break from the beta, we suggest you try out the flood of demos that have come out in the last several weeks. You've got Blacksite, Forza 2, DIRT, even Viva Piñata has come back to the Marketplace. Why not give one a spin?

So, what will you be playing this weekend?

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X3F Gamertags:
Richard Mitchell -- SenseiRAM
Dustin Burg -- SuperDunners
David Dreger -- Knuckles Dawson

What were you playing?
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