DLO's TransDock Deluxe FM transmitter: now with RF remote

Darren Murph
D. Murph|05.28.07

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DLO's TransDock Deluxe FM transmitter: now with RF remote
At this year's CES, DLO gave its TransDock device a much-needed refresh, and now that the year's nearly halfway over, it's getting yet another makeover. The TransDock Deluxe maintains the same (admittedly poor) FM transmission, AV output from your iPod to your vehicle's in-car displays, and built-in USB outlet for peripheral charging that we've seen in prior iterations, but the Deluxe setup adds an RF steering wheel remote (detailed after the jump) to handle the tunes without removing your hand. The remote purportedly "controls all TransDock functions such as changing your pre-set frequencies," the the unit itself provides a "choice of three LCD colors," comes with a six-foot AV cable, and sports the obligatory auxiliary input for times when your Pod isn't riding shotgun. Of course, for $129.99, we'd have to look into some other way besides finicky FM to get your iPod jams into your car stereo.

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