Garmin Developer website unloads APIs, toolkits

Darren Murph
D. Murph|05.30.07

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Garmin Developer website unloads APIs, toolkits
If you're tired of tirelessly hacking your navigation system in order to get the features you want up and running, Garmin is making things a good bit easier, by opening up a developer website that gives users free access to a plethora of APIs, toolkits, and web services. Put simply, the idea is to give customers the ability to "make their website, applications, and data content compatible with Garmin navigation systems." Currently, the six core offerings include the Communicator Plugin, MotionBased Web Services, Content Toolkit, PeerPoint Messaging System, LBS Toolkit, and Fleet Management Interface." Of course, you can't take advantage of the niceties until you put those coding muscles to work, so be sure to hit the read link and flip a coin to see which application deserves first dibs on getting your attention.

[Via GPSReview]
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