Zune firmware update v1.4 officially released

Yeah, you may be proud if something you conjured up sold one million pieces, but we're talking Microsoft here. The boys and girls at Redmond (thankfully) aren't satisfied with leaving things as they are, and just over two months after loosing v1.3 on the world, the Zune is officially getting another firmware update bringing it to v1.4. Notably, the actual software is still sitting at v1.3, and for the majority of you who voted this here device as the worst of the year, there ain't much here to change your attitude. According to ZuneInsider, the curiously minor update simply provides "an improved shuffle experience," and in particular, "makes successive shuffle actions produce more random lists." We know, you're patiently waiting for us to finish detailing what else v1.4 brings, but unfortunately that looks like the end of it. Feel free to get your download on if this somehow gets you jazzed up.

[Thanks, Segadc]