Samsung's Ultra A717 and A727 get a date with AT&T

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Hey Cingular subscribers, get ready to get your thin AT&T on. Samsung just announced the prices and availability of their SGH-A717 and SFH-A727 slimsters. Sure, those model numbers aren't overly appealing until you remember that these are members of Samsung's 3G Ultra lineup for Stateside consumption: the 12.9-mm thin A717 clamshell and 9.9-mm A727 candybar. So we're talking quad-band GSM, dual-band 850MHz/1900MHz HSDPA data, Bluetooth 2.0, microSD, and MobiTV and MobiRadio. Sure we've run those specs before but it just feels so good we can't help but repeat. Expect the A717 to hit on June 4th for $150 with the A727 to follow in the "coming weeks" (June 16th judging by the date in those pictures) for $100 -- after 2 year contract and $50 mail-in rebate of course, which you'll probably forget to send in. Anybody else feeling a touch nostalgic at seeing the AT&T logo on an all black phone?
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