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A look at Verizon's busy summer

A look at Verizon's busy summer
Michael Caputo
Michael Caputo|June 6, 2007 3:18 PM
Please, we beg of you, take these dates with the proverbial grain of salt -- but according to sources, the dates draws near for what could be one of the busiest phone launching quarters for The Network ever. Word on the street is that several phones should be launching shortly including UTStarcom Libra at the end of June, the Palm Treo 755p, UTStarcom Titan, Sierra Wireless 595U USB aircard, and the Motorola Q9M (aka iPhone Killer) rounding out the month of July. A few other honorable mentions we'd like to throw in for ya: looks like the Samsung I760 might be forced to downgrade to Windows Mobile 5.0 in order to make the summer launch schedule, the Treo 800W is on track for late August and BlackBerry Pearl 8120 some time in the fourth quarter of the year. Not a bad list, eh?

[Thanks, Jesse and HTC Kid]