Dell confirms XPS m1330 and Inspiron laptops -- and 22 other "confessions"

Dell has a new post titled "Dell's 23 confessions" up on their official Direct2Dell blog. The fact that Dell's Digital Media Manager, Lionel Menchaca apologizes for some embarrassingly public missteps made recently makes the piece worthy on its own. However, one of our favorite disclosures has to be confession number 9 where Dell confirms both the new XPS m1330 and Inspiron series of laptops coming "later this month." We must say, Dell's frank, open discussion with the consumer community is certainly refreshing and -- for good or for bad -- stands in stark contrast to the brutal, one-way flow of information out of Apple. Speaking of which, confession number 19 states, "If Steve Jobs ever changes his tune on OS X, we'd probably offer it too." Not that that's going to happen mind you.

[Thanks, CR H.]