Get your own Daft Punk helmet... maybe

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Donald Melanson
June 20, 2007 9:42 PM
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Get your own Daft Punk helmet... maybe
As far as bands go, Daft Punk is certainly one of the hardest for fans to emulate, with robotic suits and teams of animators unfortunately pretty hard to come by. Those with the dough to spare now have at least one option at their disposal, however, as the manufacturer of the duo's Discovery-era helmets is now offering to sell 'em to you for the hefty price of $65,000 apiece. It's apparently not quite that simple though, as you'll also have to somehow get permission from the band to call the helmets your own. Assuming you manage to do that, you'll then have to wait a whole year for the folks at LED Effects to put one together for you. Of course, you could also go the DIY route - and if you do, be sure to send us some pics.

[Via The Daily Swarm]
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