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Spore, uh, still delayed until fiscal year 2009 [update]

Ross Miller
Ross Miller|June 20, 2007 1:58 PM
The last we heard from Will Wright's ambitious Spore, it was conspicuously absent from Electronic Arts' fiscal year 2008 plans, which put the release sometime past March 2008. The latest issue of Game Informer (via CVG), which seems to have a wealth of exclusive news lately, has also mentioned that the game has been pushed back into fiscal year 2009, which starts April 2009 2008. [update: fixed a 365-day typo]

We aren't sure if the magazine writers are using the same EA fiscal report or if they have different contacts, but the wording implies this is confirmation that the Sim Everything title will be a ways off. We already knew that, but we hate hearing it again.