Cablevision adds Voom HD channels, could have up to 500 more

Erik Hanson
E. Hanson|06.22.07

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Cablevision adds Voom HD channels, could have up to 500 more
Cablevision + Voom + 460In addition to recently adding Versus and Golf in high definition, Cablevision has also added all fifteen of Voom's high-def channels to its lineup, giving them a total of 40 HD channels. As longtime readers know, Cablevision owns the parent company for Voom, so we should be more surprised it took them so long to add the content. Cablevision is also beefing up its fiber optic network to call satellite provider DirecTV's bluff, creating a claimed capacity of up to 500 channels by the end of the year. As we've said many times, DirecTV can claim they will have more channels than anyone, but other companies can add those same HD channels, all it takes is some upgrading or new set-top boxes. So, even though it's still up in the air whether there will actually be 100 HD channels by year's end, the good news for all consumers is that cable -- and IPTV -- providers aren't taking this lying down.
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