Microsoft R&D shows off multi-touch laptop

Joshua Topolsky
J. Topolsky|06.22.07

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Microsoft R&D shows off multi-touch laptop

You can't help but think that the term multi-touch is a shoe-in for Buzzword of the Year, as we've seen it on tables, in a regular old phone, and now we're getting it on a laptop -- at least according to Microsoft's on10 (blogging about the company's Cambridge-based research team). Whatever the case may be, this multi-touch screen looks pretty damn good to us (kind of like Surface on a notebook), and the technology they're using (off-the-shelf laptop, IR sensors) gives us the impression that these might come to market sooner rather than later. Be sure to watch the video after the break.

[Via istartedsomething, thanks Mitchel T]

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