Podcast Rodeo for June 24: E.A.R.

Justin McElroy
J. McElroy|06.24.07

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Justin McElroy
June 24th, 2007
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Podcast Rodeo for June 24: E.A.R.

Aww, snap. The Ro-to-the-deo feels just terrible. Not only did we take a week off, we also neglected to give a link to someone who mentioned us on the podcast, which, much like telling a waiter at Chili's it's your birthday, is a guaranteed way to get a freebie.

So, we're sorry, GFW Radio, it's been corrected. We hope that our two nations can now live together in peace. You should absolutely go listen to GFW this week, there's a rap battle, you'll love it. Here's a tip to everyone else though, if you give the shout out, let us know when you do and where in the podcast it's located. Sometimes we go through the Wendy's drive thru and we may turn the radio down, and you don't want to miss your moment in the sun because of a Frosty, do you? More picks after the jump.

Video Game Jocks: This episode of the show isn't really representative of their usual level of manly game chat, what with only one host (Paul Brucato) holding down the Jock fort. That being said, the really interesting interview with Bruce of Rumor Reporter makes it worth it for his personal thoughts on a PSP redesign.

Achievement Junkie: This week, a host takes a victory lap over finally getting a light gun on a next-gen (now-gen?) console, only Nelson, who, of course, hosts a show about the Xbox 360, is having his prayers answered on the PS3. You ever see that one episode of The Twilight Zone? It's a lot like that.

CAG Cast: About 59 minutes in, you'll get to hear the hot new game that's sweeping the nation (or at least the CAG Cast): Stump the Retailer. Host Cheapy D calls retailers and asks them basic questions before making listeners guess if the clerk will be able to answer his question. It's eye-opening, hysterical and terrifying. Like a Bette Midler concert.

OK, so that's the slightly truncated Rodeo for this week. If you've got a podcast you want to see included (or you give us the all-important shout-out) lay a comment right here.
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