Breakfast Topic: Top ten WoW goals

Amanda Rivera
A. Rivera|06.26.07

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Breakfast Topic: Top ten WoW goals

Saturday was a memorable day for me. It was the day I hit 40 with my draenei priest, and was at last able to mount my Brown horse and ride off into the, uh, twilight. My goal had been accomplished, and it was time to shift gears. Saturday was also the day that I finished my first piece of my Spellfire set on my mage, another goal I had been working towards for more than a month. Having spent so long getting her to that point, I felt an odd sensation afterward. There was this emptiness where the drive to reach my goal had been. I thought to myself "why do I do now?"

It took me a couple hours of contemplation to realize that my next goal should be to level my warlock, since she is already so close to 70 as it is. Now with a new difficult goal in mind (being that I tend to bounce from one character to another rather than focusing on one), I felt I had a gaming purpose as I set out to adventure in Azeroth. I'm not really sure if this is just something I do or if others organize their playtime like this. I have other goals, but not nearly as pressing.

Now a while ago James wrote in about a forum post he encountered talking about a top ten list for goals in WoW. I am not sure I have a list of my own that goes to that extent. More like a top four list if anything. Do you have a top ten list of things you want to accomplish in the game?

[via James]

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