Apple iPhone accessories and prices

Apple today published a page listing all Apple-branded iPhone accessories and their prices. A brief overview:

  • The Bluetooth Headset falls in line with the rumored $129 price tag, and also comes with an iPhone Dual Dock and the Travel Cable. The headset "delivers up to 5.5 hours of talk time and up to 72 hours of standby time."

  • The basic iPhone Dock will set you back $49

  • The "Dual Dock," which plugs into the iPhone and charges the Bluetooth Headset also costs $49

  • The standard stereo headset will set you back $29

  • The iPhone Bluetooth Travel Cable, which lets you charge your headset while you're syncing your iPhone (it connects to the bottom of the dock connector): also $29

  • And the iPhone TTY Adapter, designed to accommodate the iPhone's recessed headphone jack and let you plug in any .5mm headphone into the iPhone is a simple $9 [Update: Reader Mike corrects my stupid mistake: the TTY adapter is designed to work with TTY systems, "which allows the deaf to communicate via telephone." But it can double as an adapter for headphones.]

Apple has also officially introduced the "Works with iPhone" logo: "Look for the 'Works with iPhone' logo," says Apple, "to find electronic accessories designed to connect specifically to iPhone and certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards."

Also on the page are details about compatibility with current iPod accessories: Many accessories, like chargers and speakers, will work, even if they haven't been "certified" for use with the iPhone. The iPhone will warn you when you plug in an "uncertified" accessory, and will offer to switch to Airplane Mode, which would eliminate possible audio interference from the accessory -- but also prohibit you from making calls.

Check all the deets at Apple's site.

Thanks Fraser Drew!