Well. I'm in line. (Oakbrook Mall)

Alright. I'm here. I'm set. 5 a.m. No wasting time, man, no wasting time.

I'm sitting in front of the Apple Store Oakbrook here in Oak Brook, IL., along with sixteen other crazies. The first in line, a nice lady by the name of Jamene Reynolds, got here at 3-freakin-a.m. The rest trickled in a little after that. It's no Michigan Avenue line, but it continues to grow with each passing minute. One kid's getting paid $15/hour, saving a space. Another says if he doesn't get an iPhone, "he'll have to go streaking" (but he may have been joking...?). iPhone Hysteria seems ripe.

We managed to organize ourselves into a stable line -- the Apple Store employees are no help as of yet; they stand at the door, mocking us with their insider-ness -- and things seem orderly. And we're all excited.

Stay tuned with TUAW and our beloved bros at Engadget for the bestest iPhone coverage on the 'net. Only thirteen hours to go. Let iDay (lame) begin!

[Update:] If anyone's at -- or will be at -- the Oakbrook store, I'm about the eighth person in line, wearing a black hoodie, probably sitting on the floor, and most likely fiddling on my MacBook Pro. Feel free to say hi! I forgot how boring these lines actually are.