Samsung teams with MusicNet for subscription-based music service

Samsung certainly has an on-again / off-again history with regard to online music services, but the MusicNet-based system that was most recently announced is finally going live in the UK, France, and Germany. Built to work seamlessly with the firm's K3, K5, and T9 media players, users will soon be able to access and purchase digital music through the Samsung Media Studio application. Notably, previously released DAPs (such as the Z5) that were dubbed PlaysForSure devices are also compatible with the new platform. The service will provide a duo of ways to pay, the first of which will demand €14.99 ($20) for the subscription-based flavor if you reside in Germany or France, while the Brits will pony up £10.25 ($21). For those digging the per-song approach, you'll be looking at €1.15 ($1.57) or £0.79 ($1.60) depending on your homeland. Currently, it seems that the SamsungPlay website is still in limbo, but we're sure it'll have its act together before too long.

[Via Pocket-Lint]