Samsung to launch online music download service

Samsung YP-U1

Guess Samsung's drive to be a major digital music player playa — fueled by their breakup with Apple over the two companies' NAND joint-venture and getting pinned by the Korean FTC for those alleged deep discounts on flash memory on the iPod nano — must've left 'em hungry for revenge or something, because now Apple's got yet another online music competitor with which to deal. That's right, the King of Korean Gadgets, Samsung, announced their plans to join the fray and open a new online music download service — but apparently not before one of their heads declared Samsung's own digital audio players superior to Apple's, and that once this is through they'll finally be able to take on the iPod. Um, okay. It is important to remember, however, this would make Samsung only the second prominent audio hardware manufacturer to open up an online music shop (we're not really counting Panasonic, since they just set up service with Loudeye). The straight deets of the business are as yet unclear, but given their hardware lineup we expect it to be yet another PlaysForSure-based service, similar to Yahoo! Music Unlimited, Napster To Go, Real Rhapsody To Go, and so on, and so forth. Seriously though, every day this company's looking a little bit more like Apple. Would you two quit the quarrelling and get a freaking room already?