Extravagant World of Warcraft setup includes 47 PCs, seven monitors

And you thought adding a trio of displays to your mobile gaming rig was hardcore. To be frank, calling this setup "extravagant" could be the understatement of the month (or year), but it's a tad hard to articulate how mind-blowing a 47 PC, seven monitor World of Warcraft installation actually is. According to the original poster, all but two of the machines are "diskless" to cut down on load times and energy consumption, and both he and his SO threw down for oh-so-comfy recliners to kick back and raid in. Of course, envious (and understandably skeptical) commenters have questioned the true motives behind such a momentous rig (farm much?), but it's not like this is the first time we've seen a fanboy take things to the extreme. Click on through to catch the full gist.

[Via Core77]