Matrox TripleHead2Go gives your laptop 3 more screens

Just when we thought adding a second external display to our laptop would be the ultimate in desktop luxury, Matrox has thrown us for a loop with the TripleHead2Go, a box that -- you guessed it -- lets you add up to three external displays to almost any Windows PC. Like Matrox's earlier DualHead2Go, the device connects to your computer's VGA port and tricks the PC into believing that the three 19-inch displays now gracing your desk are actually one mammoth 3840x1024 display (and, yes, you can still use your laptop display, giving you a total of four screens). The TripleHead will be available in April for $299, which seems like a small price to pay to get behind three screens. Of course, that price doesn't include the actual displays themselves -- or the bigger desk you'll need to buy to hold them.