Scientists pinning dropped calls on... solar flares?

Dropped calls have admittedly become less of a problem as carriers became more reliable in more locales, but it sounds like we finally have somewhat of a celestial answer as to why they happen in the first place. Thanks to research by David Thomson and colleagues at Queen's University in Canada (pictured above), they have discovered that when a "solar radio flare occurs and cell-site antennae are facing the sun, the number of dropped calls that go away for no apparent reason increases dramatically." In one particular case, it was noted that "20-percent of calls" were dropped during flares, and while some may be satisfied with cranking out these results and darting away, the team is still interested in finding out the reasons why calls still drop in the absence of flares. And to think, all this time we were having way too much fun blaming the carriers.

[Via Textually]