Sony BMG suing creators of MediaMax DRM for $12M

Nilay Patel
N. Patel|07.13.07

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Sony BMG suing creators of MediaMax DRM for $12M
It's been two years since Sony BMG got hit with a number of class action lawsuits for shipping CDs that stealthily installed malware DRM on Windows machines without user permission, and it looks like the company is trying to get back the $5.75M it lost replacing affected discs by suing Amergence, the developer of MediaMax, one of the two DRM systems Sony was using at the time. MediaMax is unrelated to XCP, the infamous "rootkit" DRM at the center of the controversy, but it also installed itself without permission and contained a major security hole, leading Sony to recall both XCP and MediaMax-protected CDs. For its part, Amergence (which used to be called SunnComm) claims that XCP was the real problem and that Sony BMG's demand for final authority over MediaMax's functional specifications insulate it from any liability -- arguments that don't seem like they'll cause any consternation for Sony's legal team.

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