EU Warcraft Weekly posts 100th issue

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|07.17.07

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EU Warcraft Weekly posts 100th issue
EU Forums MVP Schwick has posted episode number 100 of his Warcraft Weekly forum feature, and it's a humdinger. It's got lots of tidbits from around the forums, including Blue posts, the best of fan posting, and even a brand new comic based on forum comings and goings called Forum Life (there's quite a few in-jokes in the first one, but hopefully subsequent comics will be a little more about the forums, and a little less about the people running them).

And in his "Specials" post, Schwick's got interviews aplenty-- he was able to talk to the devs (he doesn't get much out of them, but Elekk and Hawkstrider PvP mounts are on the way, and both a Shaman totem UI and more weather effects are being planned), and also got to chat with three of the best WoW comics artists out there-- the guys from LFG, Dark Legacy (who just hit a hundred of their own), and Chidori from The Flaming Ruby.

Excellent job as always, Schwick, and grats on number 100.
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