OCZ intros 1800MHz DDR3 RAM modules

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OCZ intros 1800MHz DDR3 RAM modules
OCZ is upping the DDR3 RAM ante yet again, besting its own recently introduced modules with its new 1800MHz PC3-14400 modules. Apparently the first modules of their kind to go into production, these will be available in both single 1GB modules and 2x1GB dual channel kits, with 'em boasting a peak bandwidth of 14400MB (or 14.4GB) per second and latencies "comparable to the fastest offerings of DDR or DDR2." Otherwise, you'll get OCZ's proprietary platinum-mirrored XTC (Xtreme Thermal Convection) heatspreader to keep the modules cool, along with a lifetime warranty for a little extra insurance.

[Via The Inquirer]
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