Verizon to court: Amp'd can't pay, we want out

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|07.19.07

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Verizon to court: Amp'd can't pay, we want out
Yeah, the court system may have given Amp'd a short stay of execution, but the troubled MVNO is far from being out of the woods. The latest chapter in Amp'd's bankruptcy saga has Verizon all fired up over its inability (or inaction) to get a loan lined up, all the while racking up some $370,000 in connection charges daily on Verizon's backbone. For anyone keeping count, that means Amp'd now owes Verizon something on the order of $56.6 milion, and the $9,000 (yes, nine thousand dollars) in Amp'd's coffers aren't quite going to cover the damage. In a court filing demanding that it be let out of its end of the well-breached agreement, Verizon says that it shouldn't be forced to participate as an "unwilling gambler" while Amp'd struggles to get back on its feet. Of course, if the plug does get pulled, it's an instant Amp'd death sentence -- so if you happen to be an Amp'd subscriber and your line goes dead, well, you can probably figure out how the court has ruled.

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