Upper Deck shows off the new loot cards

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|07.21.07

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Upper Deck shows off the new loot cards

Upper Deck has confirmed those three loot items we mentioned the other day, coming in the Fires of Outland booster set. Goblin gumbo is a summonable pot that conjures a tradeable food (that makes you burp). There's a fishing chair as well (and Upper Deck has posted the first pictures of it-- looks like you're able to actually sit in the chair while you fish, which might make all that repetitive clicking a little more fun).

And of course there's the much awaited Spectral Tiger Mount, available in both regular and Epic flavors (strangely enough, they're making you pay the regular mount price for it, even after getting the special loot card code.

And if you're actually playing the game (not just using the codes for the cool in game stuff), Mike Hummel also reveals what each card does in game-- the Spectral Tiger card provides a buff to allies in your party with the Elusive and Ferocity qualities. Cool stuff. All of the cards will be foil cards, so if you're planning on grabbing some of the Fires of Outland packs (coming to stores in late August, we're told), keep an eye out.
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