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TiVo HD review roundup

TiVo HD review roundup
Joshua Topolsky
Joshua Topolsky|July 24, 2007 3:19 PM

A critical eye is peering in on TiVo's personal-flotation-device known as the TiVo HD, a $300 entry-level option into the company's DVR world, and we've got the roundup to prove it. The box, which TiVo hopes will attract thriftier (read, any) users to the previously pricey platform, features HDMI and component outs up to 1080i, dual CableCARD and M-Card compatibility, and Series3-style ATSC and NTSC tuners. It appears that the general feeling on the little black box is positive, with almost everyone loving the price-point, the CableCARD functionality, and all the standard TiVo amenities, though we wouldn't go so far to say that everyone is a 100% pleased. Most of the reviews take issue with the device's sluggish UI, lack of TiVo ToGo, and the tempting, yet inactive eSATA port (which the company says it's planning to activate down the road). Browse on over to the read links for the full reviews.

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