Current Apple machines don't meet new EnergyStar guidelines

Uh-oh, Steve: Apple just got a little less green. New, more stringent requirements for EnergyStar certification went into effect last week, and while most manufacturers have a model or two that meets the updated regs, not a single shipping Mac qualifies. Apple's taken a lot of heat in the past for its environmental policies, and while Steve's blasted back with stats of his own and committed to steps like totally eliminating CCFL backlights in Apple displays, the loss of something like EnergyStar certification isn't going to sit so well with critics -- or shareholders, for that matter. Manufacturers have until January to update their machines or lose the certification, so this isn't a huge blow, but Apple's been insistent that it's more eco-conscious that other companies -- looks like it's put up or shut up time.

[Via Floppyhead]