Zoe Mode further explains their name

We've talked about Kuju Brighton's Zoe Mode name change before, but a new interview with studio head Ed Daly sheds even more light on the decision. Ed knew that some gamers (and even some staff members) would find a girl's name as company moniker a bit silly, but he wanted to have a drastic re-branding. A name that would have gamers sit up and take notice. The decision to use the image of a real model as the company icon was done because Zoe Mode wanted to emphasize that they were real, and their games were for real people. How did the female embodiment influence their game creating decisions? "We make games for Zoe and her family. Zoe is our conscience that signs off on what we do. We ask 'What would Zoe do? and 'Would Zoe like that?' kind of questions. It does help have a reference point, even if she's imaginary" claims Ed.

We don't mean to judge, but maybe Ed and his team are as crazy as the world they created in Crush.

[Via Gamespot]