Al Roker discovers Xbox 'recall' on Today Show

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Alexander Sliwinski
July 28th, 2007
Al Roker discovers Xbox 'recall' on Today Show

Sadly we can't embed video from the Today Show, so you're just going to have to follow the link, but you can pretty much imagine the exact moment Microsoft's PR department went nucking futs. During a Today Show segment about the "video game wars," somehow it was written into the tech guy's voice-over that there was an Xbox 360 "recall." We all know this is far from the truth. After the segment finishes the tech guy quickly corrects the "recall" error, but Roker ain't havin' none of that. Roker restates it as a "recall" and then says, "This one, they are voluntarily saying to bring this back, what's wrong with it?"

Microsoft gave the same song and dance to the Today Show that they've given everyone, saying that there is something wrong, but they won't say what. On the bright side for Microsoft, the Today tech guy does say the Xbox 360 is the one to own. He says the PS3 is the most "high-tech" because of the Blu-ray player and calls it the "Trojan horse," which has Roker asking if people will jump out of it and kill everyone. Yes, he does actually say that.

They then show off the Wii and awkwardly state that it's the #2 "player" and the Xbox 360 is #1 ... um, well in context of those three systems that is true, but please let us not bury the PS2 yet, which according to Nielson and overall sales is definitely #1. Oh well, it was just another video game piece by the mainstream, they flubbed a nice bit and in the end Roker was actually most bothered by the idea that Nintendo's Miis don't have arms. And here we thought the little Greeks popping out of the PS3 killing everyone would have been far more frightening.
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