Google getting more serious about the Gphone?

Rumors about about a possible Google phone have run so hot and cold recently that it's hard to keep up, but AppleInsider is reporting that the big G is making a big push in developing their own handset. AI says that investment guidance firm Anian has issued a report quoting a development budget in the "hundreds of millions" of dollars and that HTC is being tapped to build a Linux-based Gphone to be launched on T-Mobile in the US in early 2008, with Orange getting the exclusive in France and other countries. Anian also says Google has been in talks with Verizon and AT&T, and that Verizon has already shot the big G down -- much like it did with Apple and the iPhone. As always, rumors are just rumors, so we'll wait and see, but it's hard to ignore the amount of buzz that the Gphone's been getting.