Medison reveals more details on $150 laptop

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Medison reveals more details on $150 laptop
To say the least, Sweden's Medison has attracted a fair bit of skepticism with its promise to release a $150 Linux-based laptop. The company looks to be doing its best to dissuade those naysayers, however, recently meeting with a group of Swedish journalists to make its case. While it apparently "did not exactly strengthen its credibility," according to Computer Sweden, Medison did reveal a few new details, including a promised August 15th delivery date (at least for the first batch of units). The company also said that the laptop will not be its primary source of income, with it instead expecting to make most of its money from advertisements on its website (mainly from accessory-makers and the like). Further adding to intrigue/ridicule surrounding the company, Medison's Valdi Ivancic reportedly also dropped the bomb that he's considering declaring his candidacy for Prime Minister of Sweden. Really.

[Thanks, Eric S., photo courtesy of Computer Sweden]
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