Fake-looking list of upcoming Sega games is indeed fake

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Fake-looking list of upcoming Sega games is indeed fake
A massive list of Sega games purported to be shown at TGS has been circulating around the Internet, teasing the poor souls like us who continue to love Sega. It contained a fairly complete list of every Sega fan's dreams: Shenmue III, Jet Set Radio Next, Space Channel 5 part 3, a Wii sequel to Skies of Arcadia, even a Chu Chu Rocket game. Of course, enough already-known stuff like Mario & Sonic at the Olympics was on the list to add the appearance of legitimacy.

A leaked document from an anonymous source with so many incredible scoops must be true, right? Surprisingly, no. The blogger who originally posted the rumor has retracted it with an apology. Just remember, potential tipsters: when we hear about a new Space Channel 5 and it turns out to be a false rumor, it hurts us. Be responsible with your tippery.
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