Samsung looks to patent two new gaming phone designs

Brian White
B. White|08.14.07

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Samsung looks to patent two new gaming phone designs

Samsung looks to move forward into the realm of mobile gaming with two new U.S. patents involving gameplay-oriented handsets. For starters, patent #1 (pictured above) describes a "portable communication terminal for games." The display on this design involves a hinged "flip" that unveils a dual-row numeric keypad complete with phone navigational array when opened, and a gaming d-pad when closed (we hope that hinge is solid); the 'A' and 'B' buttons are near the earpiece and always visible. More info on the second patent application after the break.

[via Unwired View]

Read - Patent 1
Read - Patent 2

Patent #2 (pictured above) centers on a "portable communication terminal with foldable keypad" with several references to a hinge (perhaps a sliding type of some sort). On this design, the display swivels up and out of the way to display the numeric keypad, which is hidden when playing games. Both of these handset patent applications detail handsets with gaming as the first priority and calling / texting as a second priority, kinda like a recent patent application from Samsung on a joystick phone.

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